Room D

Room 'D' is the studio live room and is available for hire by the hour or day. It is an amazing sounding space, large enough to accommodate any size or type of band. This is a premium rehearsal space, ideal for professional musicians. It is acoustically engineered to a very high standard and provides an extremely creative place to write music.


Room D is available from £15 per hour. Discounts are available for larger block bookings. The room comes complete with a robust vocal PA system. This can be supplemented with any equipment from our touring PA stock for an additional fee.


"Purple's Studio room is the best sounding live room I have ever heard, EVER!"

Ben, Hayashi

"We booked out the room for 3 days to prepare for our upcoming tour. It sounded amazing and had a great vibe. We could all hear each other clearly and got really tight over the 3 days. We could set the lights to give us a relaxed, intimate feel. This really gave us a chilled out space to rehearse in and made sure we could not see the drummer!"

Ginerman Goes Wild


METRES 8 x 5 40 sq m
FEET 26 x 16.5 430 sq ft